Trudi specialises in Birth, Fresh 48, Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photography servicing the Gladstone region and surrounds.


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I'm Trudi, I'm a local girl here in Gladstone,
I've watched this place grow as I've grown and I'm proud to call it home, with my husband and three children.

I really value every second with my children and documenting their little lives as they grow, it all happens so quick, and photography is our only ticket back to those moments now gone. I've always had a deep connection with photography. As a child growing up my father would take endless photos and videos, at Christmas surrounded by our closest loved ones, or down by the river or dam camping, just making memories. My passion bloomed after my daughter was born. Timelessly capturing every moment of hers and her brothers lives and that's where this dream of mine really took off.
Being welcomed into the lives of others for just a short time to document their special chapters, preserving memories of life is where my heart lies. 

Now I'm not really a stand in front of the camera and say "cheese" kind of photographer, I mean if we gotta do it we gotta do it, but I love the raw and real stuff when it comes to families. I love those intimate moments between mum and dad as they fall in love all over again as they welcome a new life into the world. I love that wonder and chaos in a child, the belly laughs and tears. I want you to feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of your time with me, trusting that I'm documenting those little moments you will LOVE looking back on and cherish with your children in the years to come.

I am obsessed with documenting life, Recording the "now" for the days, years and generations to follow. I love the real stuff, the moments in between, your fresh little baby's tiny details, the chaos and wonder of a child.

& I'd love to capture your memories too!

+ Before taking on photography professionally, I worked in Childcare. I love children, all their different personalities and quirks. I appreciate just how different every human is.

+ I never liked coffee until I became a mum. The smell, the taste made me hurl!

+ I like to think I'm a morning person, once I'm up out of bed haha. The peace and serenity of enjoying a coffee without the kids in my ear is bliss! Getting out of bed though...haha

+ I love adventure, the beach, camping and exploring. The outdoors is my happy place. 

+ I'm pretty quiet and reserved, as much as I love the outdoors or a good event I'm most definitely a home body. Find my in my baggy clothes binging the latest netflix series or editing galleries to a 90's mix.