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Frequently asked questions

  • When is the best time to schedule my newborn portrait session?
    The best time to schedule your session is before your little one is born. I highly recommend getting in touch with me during your second trimester to secure your spot. This way you can rest assured that your newborn photo shoot will occur within 2 weeks of birth, the very best time to get the sweetest photographs!
  • How do I book without knowing when my baby will arrive?
    Your due date will be pencilled into my calendar as your tentative booking date so that we can be sure that you are on my calendar for that month. Once your baby is born and you are ready to go home, all you have to do is send me an email and from there we’ll schedule a definitive session date and time within the first 7-14 days of your baby’s arrival. Once you book your newborn photo shoot session I’ll send you a detailed email with all the information you need to know including scheduling once the baby is here, what you can expect from your session, how to prep yourself and your baby and other helpful insights and tips.
  • How soon should I have my newborn session after giving birth?
    The sooner the better! Newborns tend to stay sound asleep a few days after birth and because of this we are able to gently move your little one into those beautiful curly womb like poses. After a couple of weeks, this is not as easy to do. After the 14 day mark babies begin to stretch and the poses won’t be as easy to accomplish.
  • How long will my newborn photography session take?
    Your session will take between 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the type of session you book. Pausing to allow times for feeding and changing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable and the pace of our session will be determined by the baby.
  • Can I incorporate sibling and family photos with my baby?
    Always! It's so easy for parents to hide behind the camera. Trust me, I'm guilty of that myself. Photographing your little one surrounded by family is an incredible experience for everyone involved. Limited to immediate family only. (Parents + baby + siblings).
  • Where do the studio sessions take place?
    Your session will take place in my private and cozy home based photography studio in New Auckland, Gladstone. Just bring yourself and your little bundle of joy and rest assured that the studio is fully stocked with all the necessary props, and toiletries to keep you comfortable throughout your session.
  • What do we wear?
    Styling is the difference between a good shot and a GREAT one! I'm a big fan of neutrals. Anything white, grey or pastel with no big prints or logo's look gorgeous. Keeping your outfits styled tastefully with colours and tones that work together is key. I have a beautiful collection of dresses for mums to borrow in the studio wardrobe also. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable.
  • My baby is already born, am I too late to schedule a Newborn Session?
    If I have an opening in my calendar I am happy to accommodate. Most often, however, I am booked out months in advance. Also, I really love to take newborn pictures 5-14 days after birth. After that, some of the most adorable poses aren’t as easy to achieve.
  • Do you offer Maternity Photo Shoots or Baby’s First Year plan?
    Yes! You can view details on my "Maternity Sessions" and "First Year Plan" here on my website.
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